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Hello from Townsville

Hello every one. I am from Townsville, Australia and just set up my new hive. I am having trouble finding some one in Townsville who can sell me the plastic/wax insert for the brood box. Please let me know if you know some one.


Hello June, and welcome to the forum where you will find lots of friendly folk happy to help with good advice.
I’m a little confused what the plastic/wax insert is your asking about that goes into a brood box. Is it the sheets of wax foundation that goes into the wooden frames? That is the only thing I can think of.
In my hives I fit wire horizontally in the frames using a frame jig so the wire is really tight then fit a sheet of foundation and pass a 12 volt current thru the wire to melt the wax to the wire. I do that so that the comb is held firmly and later the frame can do a second life in a super for honey stores.
With just one hive a better option would be to join your local bee group in Townsville and someone there will have the equipment needed to complete a frame.

Hi Peter: Yes that is what I am after as there was none in the kit. Thanks. June

I would advise joining your local bee group to find someone there with the gear to make up the frames and show you how to do it. Your local bee gear shop will be able to sell you the sheets of full depth foundation you will need, but the cost of the tools to wire frames and fit the foundation is too expensive for just one hive. The local group will make you welcome I’m sure. The foundation doesn’t come as part of the Flow Hive kit.

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