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HELP! I need an Italian queen ASAP to save the hive!


Due to the job I have, I have not been able to do a though rough inspection for a couple of months. I have noticed there has not been the activity that was there last year. I finally got to do an inspection today and noticed the population is way down and there is no eggs or larvae in the hive. Did not see the queen and the hive was very docile. I need a new queen to save the hive before winter gets here, any suggestions as to where to get one this time of year???


I installed one month ago from these guys, and she is a nice queen. Looks like they have shipping dates available in August:


Usually, a very docile hive means there is a queen or one on the way.
Population down means they probably swarmed: When was the last inspection before this one?


I ordered from these guys recently. Shipping is hit and miss. I ordered one last year and it arrived very healthy along with all attendants. On my recent order of two queens, though, both queens survived (barely) but only one attendant made it (probably exposed to too much heat at some point during transport).



The colony has doubtless swarmed and more than once. The prime swarm leaves with the queen then 3 weeks later a secondary swarm headed by a virgin might leave. If the hive is strong there may be more than one such afterswarm. Usually a colony will settle down with a number of bees and a new queen in time to build up to survive. I agree with Chili, I bet there is a queen in there. If the colony is quite small it might be an idea to put it in a nuc box…


Thanks for the input folks. I have a new queen on the way due here next week with overnight delivery. I still think there is no queen since there is no eggs or larvae, if she is there, then there is something wrong with her. Will find her next week when I’m back home and terminate her so we can plant the new queen. I don’t really think they swarmed since they had lots of room and the numbers have been falling and not building back up since spring.

  • not necessarily anything wrong with her- she could be a virgin queen- or only just mated and not yet laying. if you did swarm them perhaps the old queen left- and the new queen has yet to start to laying.