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Help! need a key!

Hi! I’m looking for a replacement key…I think my Grandkids used mine for a sword and it’s missing! The company is out of stock. Anyone want to sell one?

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

Sorry about the loss of your Flow key. I am afraid that I do not have a spare, but I have an idea for you. I just measured mine and in cross-section it is a steel bar with dimensions 9mm x 5mm (3/8" x 3/16"). The tip is slightly tapered to make it easier to get into the slot, and the corners of the bar are smoothed to make it easier to turn. It is very possible that you could get a local metal fabricator to make a replacement for you. We have a lot of such small shops in San Diego, often around water (they make stuff for boats) or small airports (they make parts for aircraft). It would be more expensive than buying from Flow, but at least you could have it quickly. :blush:

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One other thought. We do have a few forum members in Texas, however it is a big state. If you could put your city in your profile, maybe somebody is local to you and could lend you a key? For example @Martydallas is a very nice guy, and might help out if you weren’t too far away. :wink:

We got it taken care of. Key will be on its way to TX tomorrow.


Also bare in mind that it’s stainless steel. You wouldn’t even need the right angle bend, you could use a shifting spanner to turn it. Therefore all Christe would need to do is buy a piece of ss bar 3/8x3/16, 21 inches long from a metal shop. Then use their own or borrow an angle sander to taper the end that goes in, as well as remove any burs from the other end.

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thanks SO much!!! !!!

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Thanks for your help. I might do this for a backup!!!

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Thanks Dawn… Got one coming!