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Herbal Varroa Mite Control


Hi Beeks … does anyone have any experience with this product or anything like it?

From the ebay description:

"Easy to use. The herbal oils are fed in a sugar water mixture.
A binder made from soybeans, which is a super food for honeybees, is used to bind the sugar water feed and the essential oils."



Anyone that calls soybeans a “bee superfood” is not to be taken seriously. About 40% of sugars found in soybeans are toxic to bees.


Bobby’s right. There’s a lot of snake oil on the market for the gullible. All bees need is a varied diet just like us really. There are a few reputable and proven treatments on the market if the need arises.


I share something with bees then, all of those oligosaccharides and fructans (both types of sugar) in soybeans are toxic to me too. :blush:


Ok, thanks for the comments everyone, I’m leaning towards oxalic treatment then and this unit looks not too bad; not the cheapest but looks sturdy:


Good choice but get a good unit.

This one has held up nicely and it’s not flimsy like some of those cheap models:

With 50+ hives, it’s too time consuming so I just sold it and got the JB-700:


This is the unit I use as well. Two treatments this year and zero issues.