Hi all from the Snowy mountains N.S.W

Hi to all iam very new to beekeeping an have ordered a complete flow hive with December delivery . I have also ordered 3 better bee hives with bees for pick up in October . Looking forward to getting started . I have just about got all the gear I will need just on the count down 10 weeks till I can pick up the first 3 hives.

Welcome to the group Peter, love to hear about your progress and what floral sources are in your area for your bees.

Hi Rod
We have a large amount of Apple gums white gums black wattle at our farm I also have fruit trees for them. The hives i will be getting in October are ( better hives ) there a PVC thermo plastic . I would like all to be flow hives but I wanted to start before December . Iam very keen to get going with these Little guys.
I just got a Pender old time uncapping an 4frame extractor tank for use with these hives .

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