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Hi from the Porongurups in WA


Hello from a new beekeeper in the Porongurups in Western Australia. I have successfully survived my first bee season and ended up with 10kg of honey from the flow frames. Thought I’d share a moment below during my first attempt at extracting honey from the frames and wondering where the honey was…


Hey P

I’m just over in Kendenup.
Just robbed about 15kg of honey of mine over the last few weeks. Lots of marry about.
What are you doing with all the honey?

I make a trip past your area once in a while so may catch up some time


I didn’t know they had Flow hives on the Starship Enterprise! :smile: Must be the agricultural influence of Jean-Luc Picard’s French heritage… :wink:


Hi Onrbikes. We don’t use sugar in our house, so it goes on the kids cereal and we dink a lot with a mix of honey, apple cider vinegar and water. We were typically going though 5kg every few months so it made sense to get our own hive. I also caught a swarm around christmas (http://revelationsky.org/blog/?p=477) and it was doing well until I checked the brood last week and found that it had been taken out by greater wax moth! Anyway, learning all the time. I’m about to go check the flow frames to see how the Marri flow went. Hoping to get another frame or two before wintering. Feel free to drop in anytime :).


Some things you just cant get right in a replicator :)… must have moved on from Warre Hives.