Hi from Western Australia

Not new to bees…just trying to keep my interest in bees…my club is 4000km away and don’t have any close by friends in bees…read alot, watch YouTube videos, set up trials in my hives, record results…

Ii enjoy swarming season…setting up knew hives…but it’s an expensive exercise…I sell a little honey

I so sell a few established nucs…to nearby newbies in bees…

I go out sometimes and pick up nuisance bees but only prepared to travel 100km from the farm.

Find them in BBQs or super sheds or in cable drums at mine sites or in machinery…or in roofs and that’s not for me…if I can reach on the ground or stand on the back of the ute to fetch a swarm fine but anything else…no

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Hey skippy, welcome. How’s your season starting out?

Pretty good
15 swarms caught in 10 days

Pretty good
15 swarms in 10 days
Spring has only just started
Honey to the city tomorrow
We have country bees only
Not city bees
We have native wildflowers so the bees can pick and
choose where they go
Our pollen can be bright orange to a very light yellow or even to a brown colour
Our wax at present is pure white but can also be bright yellow
Our bees are busy all day long