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Hive beetles love flow hive lid😤

I found on my last inspection 30 or so beetle in the flow lid there were a dozen bees too. The week before nil. I have screened the inner cover hole so they must be getting up the loose fitting sides of the lid. I guess i could put another apithor in the lid? Or just a traditional hive lid(migratory)? What have others done. Fyi i already have an apithor in the base and 2 oil traps.

Just kill any beetles you find with your hive tool. The trick is to keep your worker bee population up & don’t have any food that beetles lay eggs in without a really good covering of worker bees. They lay eggs in brood, pollen & dead bees. I don’t use any traps whatsoever & I’m in an area where SHBs are really bad.

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I have a apithor in the roof

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