Hive brood box and an ordered nuc that comes on Hoffman D4 frames

Hi, I have set up my new Flow hive and await an ordered nuc. I’m told that it comes on Hoffman D4 National frames. In reality I see you can fashion a solution with plastic tags but in reality should I cancel the order and try and find a nuc that comes on more appropriate frames. I’m new to this please help.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

We used to live in Oxford when we were in the UK - had a little house in Iffley. :blush:

You can make it work, as you have discovered, but those frames will always be a nuisance until you can rotate them out of the hive. If you can find a nucleus on Langstroth frames, that would be far preferable. When are you getting this nucleus? It is pretty late in the season to be starting a new hive in the UK. :wink:

Hi Dawn, yes we have just bought a house near Iffley turn so not far away.

Yes, it’s the conclusion I came to re always being a hassle so I cancelled my nuc order on Hoffman frames earlier today and am looking for a decent nuc on Langstroth frames - it is a bit late in the year but I’m all set up and ready to start and i think (from what I read) it’s still just about OK to start now - if I can find a suitable nuc which is proving a challenge!

We lived on Tree Lane. Very pretty area.

If you do decide to proceed with your colony, just be prepared to feed a lot before it gets cold. Should be OK if you get a good nucleus. :wink: