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Honey bath queen introduction

Anyone ever done this? Seems high risk for drowning even if the acceptance rate could be high…


This would be illegal in Australia, and in my view cruel.

Why would it be illegal?

I don’t know… Ethical considerations aside, I am having a hard time imagining me introducing a queen I paid good money for via drowning attempt. Particularly in emergency requeening circumstances.

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Yes. I was surprised to see the video and wondering if anyone has tried and been successful…

Never heard of it as an introduction method, but would be illegal in Australia as you could be priming your queen with AFB spores depending on the source of the honey.

And like most humans bees prefer to eat honey rather than be dipped in it.

Ah. Well, let’s assume the honey was from the same hive…

I have heard of this but have no experience of it. Basically it involves putting a few drops of honey, from the hive she is to be introduced to, on the queen bee, and then allowing the workers to lick her clean. The theory goes that when she is clean they will have accepted her.
‘Drowning’ the queen or using honey from any hive but the one she is going to would be against the logic of this method.
I dont know what the success rate would be.