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Honey flow in fayetteville N C area

Does anyone know the honey flow cycles in the fayetteville, NC area? Will July and August be slow?

I guess I skipped June?

How long is a piece of string. Is basically the question you’re asking

It depends on rain, your abundance of pollen and nectar, how healthy your hive is. There is no good answer.

If this is your first year having a hive, it’s likely you will not harvest anything. Hopefully you have not put any flow frames or honey super on your hive yet if this is your first year.

Have you checked with your other beekeepers in your area to find out if they run one brood box or two brood boxes. And certainly do not put another box of any kind, whether it’s a brood box or honey super (flow frame ) on until the first box is virtually busting at it seems and feels like you can’t get another honeybee inside

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