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Honey Quality When Fed from Sugar?


First timer here.
While I’m feeding the hive with sugar water, does this alter/degrade the quality of the honey?

Thank you.


Your honey will be sugar not honey. The Chinese are particularly good at it.
If you have supers on, of any description, you should not be feeding.


Thanks for this verification.
First package of my life arrives this week.
How do I tell when I can stop feeding?


When you see ANY capped stores…STOP, especially if there is a nectar flow.
This means that the bees have a surplus and are storing it.
How do I know there is a flow?
Look around you. There are flowers and warm weather. The bees fly out straight as a die as if they are on a mission, no hanging about on the hive front or landing board. When they return they hang down at the back end, full of nectar. There are a few crash landings. In the evening after they have stopped flying the hive sounds like an air conditioner
Good luck

There is some good stuff here


A new package is burning up all the syrup/nectar that comes in building comb and feeding young. There is nothing left to affect your honey…