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How do you dispose of your chalk mummies?


I’ve had a fair bit of chalk brood since I installed my first nuc. (slowly clearing up now I think) We’ve had almost 3 weeks of solid rain which can’t be helping.

When I cleaned out the bottom board i did it onto an old towel and then shook it into the bin. The bin has a pretty decent coating of fungus on the bottom of it now. It’s about 30m from the hive with a lid, but still can’t be a good thing.

How should I despose off the mummies?


Hi Ron,
When I had a severe case of chalkbrood a few years back, I placed them into plastic bags and then into the bin every few days. As best I could I would also pick them up off the ground as the fungus spores remain viable for decades. Make sure you wash your gear thoroughly after each inspection too. You could clean your bin with diluted bleach solution which should destroy the fungus in there but its unlikely to be from the chalkbrood, they require a bee host.


Thanks Rod.
Hopefully it’s on its way out… Along with the constant rain we’ve both been having. I guess that makes it harder to get rid of the chalk.