How I explain my Flow purchase

I acknowledge and appreciate that this process doesn’t scale well.

I’m happy to sacrifice time for several weeks to validate the process. I believe once every few days should be sufficient, but I will judge this based on practical results.

Back on topic.

Essentially the same thing cowgirl has mentioned happened when plastic hive components started appearing on the market. You basically have to wait for the detractors to die out… because there is no changing their opinion! :wink:

Yes - smile while they sneer :sunglasses:

Incidentally, anytime I want to smile, one image that always gets me is in the old footage in the Flow vid where Cedar talks about his upbringing - the kid surfing on the tree swing. Did the same thing once upon a time! As well as stand in my grandmother’s flower garden for what seemed like hours, watching bees forage at eye level. I think about all that stuff and I don’t care what the critics want to grumble about!

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I’m also new to bee keeping and have been lured by the flow hive.
I have also been sneared at and told in NZ the flow hive won’t work because apparently our honey is too thick.
Whatever happens the flow hive has made me an avid beekeeper and like you I think I will also extract cone honey.
I have come to love my bees and I think they know me. I’ve been able to open and inspect the hive without protection a couple of times now without any stings
John Minnee


I was interested in keeping bees (and harvesting honey for personal use) for some time, but the flow hive invention tipped the scales. Now I am avidly learning about bees and beekeeping and can’t wait to get my first nuc. I’ll probably build my own hives when I know more about them, and am already thinking about experimental hives (more for the bees than the honey.) My point is, us newbies aren’t stupid bozos and bimbos thinking the flow hive is a honey tap. That’s an idea based on prejudice and ignorance. Why the fierce criticism from some established beekeepers? Some sort of fear? That’s what snearing would indicate to me. Constructive criticism is what I want!

That’s a bit extreme
Most established beekeepers DO have an open mind.
Perhaps you just rub them up the wrong way :wink:

Actually the local beekeepers I have met have all been lovely and supportive. I’m talking about some of the (what I would call) uninformed criticism on the internet, e.g. some beekeepers I won’t name, as well as those promoting ’ natural berkeeping’, where one post labelled flow hivers as ‘ignorant’ honey eaters etc, etc.

No they got that wrong - the ones that buy cheap, contaminated watered down sugar syrup honey are the ignorant’ honey eaters LOL

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Ah well the Internet is full of rubbish. Don’t get me wrong there are zillions of useful things but much more dross.

My club is all a bunch of commercial guys who don’t really understand the hobbyist. They all say no commercial guys use top bar so top bar is an irrelevant form of bee keeping, they say the same about the flow because no commercial guy would ever use them so why even look at them. Every question about a form of hive is “how much honey did you take off of it?”. If it doesn’t produce 40-60# of honey they won’t even look at it or address it.

Yes, because that’s what they do for a living.
Their ethos doesn’t apply to you so ignore it?

The snears will stop when you “prove it.”

When your detractors see honey flowing effortlessly into a jar out of your hive only then will you quell the resistance in your area.

You know the saying, “proof is in the pudding/honey”. lol

Don’t explain it, just enjoy it !


I have had the same kind of experiences at bee keeping classes and meetings. Im also from PA (the Northeast).

It’s scary to read and hear what others say when they are ill informed or naïve about Flow Hives. I too have had some reluctance in telling others that I have Flow Hives for the same reasons. As we purchased 6 hives, the purchase not only supported Flow but also enabled my friends and family(children) to enjoy our hobby. We are not stupid and understand that the work is still there in looking after the bees but because both my wife an I have disabilities the Flow Hive enables us to still enjoy what we love to do more easily. :slight_smile:


some of the early flow ‘reviews’ on youtube- made by beekeepers who had never seen let alone used a flow hive- had some pretty absurd points. Bees hate plastic, frames too expensive, won’t be used by commercial beekeepers with 100,000 hives… it’s ‘a scam’, promotes bee abuse, etc.

Basically without the Flow invention there is no way my Mum would have suddenly decided to become a beekeeper. She was enthusiastic about trying the flow hive the minute she saw it. And with the Flow hive she is the happiest of new beekeepers! We have already extracted 6Kg’s of delicious honey after just 5 months- with more to come in just a few weeks. It has been fun- and contrary to pessimistic claims we are treating bee keeping seriously- learning all the time- and have no plans to rob the bees silly or never inspect the hive!

Finally: the flow invention really does make it a lot simpler and more appealing to have a backyard hive. Sure there are other forms or extraction which are not that difficult- but to be honest- neither are they that enticing once you have operated your flow frames and watched the clean pure honey just fill that big jar!


As a beekeeper I had thousands of emails from people sending me links to the flow hive. If I hadn’t already seen it, I would have thought it was a fraud. It seemed impossible. So I can understand some of the reactions As a beekeeper, even if you believed it worked, you can’t see how it’s that big of a deal when you still have to keep bees. I mean, yes, it’s the coolest invention since movable comb or the extractor, but you still have to keep bees… So I can kind of see why some of them react the way they do. Still, I would not be so adamant about something I had never seen… and I’d do some homework to find out what I could. The other assumptions being made were that this was some slick big corporate takover of beekeeping and that they were just duping people and that they didn’t care about bees.

As it was I was lucky in that I had already seen it before it hit the internet, so I knew it actually worked and I had some idea of the kind of people who were doing this. So, of course, all the resistance seemed a bit silly to me.