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How many boxes for our harsh winters?

Our hive is doing just tremendous for their first year and we were able to harvest our flow frames and they are filling them up yet again. They filled up two brood boxes prior to that and I’m just wondering if because they are doing so so well if o should be adding another brood box on top of the two I have already. We have a very long harsh winter here is Canada Saskatchewan. What would all the bee keepers here recommend I do

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I would say yes. One of our forum members @Red_Hot_Chilipepper lives south of you, but he has far more success when he runs triple deep brood boxes over winter. If you don’t do that, you will have more of a challenge with watching food supplies during the cold season. If I was where you are, I would definitely go with triple brood boxes - good thought, well done! :blush: However, I would actually add the new box underneath the existing two. Bees tend to like building downwards, and it is much easier for them to adapt to the new space if you add it underneath. They will use it faster, and with much less disruption to the arrangement of the hive.


Michael Palmer’s typical strong hive is wintering in two deeps and a shallow in Vermont. I typically winter a strong colony in four to five eight frame mediums, which is the equivelant to two deeps (four eight frame mediums) and two deeps and a shallow (five eight frame mediums). But it depends on the size of the cluster…