How to encourage bees to fill the Flow Frames

ROFL! I will send the nice men in white coats right now! :smile:

Not crazy at all. I would think all of them would work. The hot water idea sounds creative, but risky. I wouldn’t like to try to keep it hot enough for the wax, but not too hot for the frames. Remember the plastic should not get hotter than 70C - way below the boiling point of water! :flushed: I just took some burr comb on a hive tool and pushed it into the plastic frame faces, because it was the simplest thing to do.

I also put some 1:1 syrup into a spray bottle and sprayed it onto the frames. Before I found the spray bottle, I dribbled it on from a spoon. Messy, but it worked. I would not use somebody else’s honey in my hive, because I am paranoid about bee diseases.