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Please help. I have a baby bee with the left wing side only having one of the two left wings. What should I do?

Aimee - Rumburgh near Halesworth


Hello Aimee, if you found it at the entrance of a hive then put it back there, being a young bee maybe its wings were stuck together and will separate in no time at all.
You can’t care for it so let the bee hive look after it.


It flew into my cottage and I found it on my floor moving about just before my cat spotted it so I quickly saved it. It’s now back outside in some evening primrose. That’s all I could do. I had tried to feed it with watered sugar. But it wasn’t interested. So I put it onto the plant.


Ok, what you did was right and let nature do what is best. If the bee is deformed it might die, but that is nature, you at least gave it a chance to live., so good on you.