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Income of AU Beeks from the Australian Tax Office


The ATO is currently providing a flow of incomes stats (pun intended :smiley:) . Of peculiar interest to the readers of this forum would be income levels of apiarists…

The full article can be found here:


My column would be underneath the x axis


Here here. I second that. This is an expensive hobby, especially setup. The people I gift my honey to come out better off financially than me…as they no longer buy honey!


…and in not one profession are women’s incomes equal to or greater than mens…


From the article:

If you look closely at the above graph, you’ll see author is the odd job out. It is the only one where females made more than men on average.


Well, maybe in another one not listed on that graph… :blush:


…but still dependent on who you work for & the country you’re in, generally


Whoa! That’s some scary stuff, think I’ll keep my day job a little longer.