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Inspection Today

Well we finally got some time to go in and check out the bees today. I have been a little worried that I haven’t seen as many bees flying around. So I am attaching some pics, this is from the top box, I have 2 deep and 1 medium and this is the medium I added before I went on vacation. Looks like the girls should have enough to eat through the winter.

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Mites dealt with: Check
Plenty of food: Check

Looking really good there.

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No QE under that medium? If there is one you should take it off before winter.

Otherwise looks like perfect bee food :sunglasses:


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I hadn’t put a QE on at all this year. Just tried to give the bees a chance to grow the colony. It seems like they know what they wanted filling up the top medium with honey.


Coming out of winter they’ll have brood in the medium. It doesn’t bother me though, they work their way down as the season progresses.

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