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Interesting Treatment Of SHB


The text below is an extract from this NSW DPI factfile here http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au and search MARCH 2008 PRIMEFACT 764
Future control methods NSW DPI in conjunction with Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) have developed an SHB refuge impregnated with insecticide that relies on direct SHB contact for control. Trials have shown promising results, with 90% plus corrected mean percentage reductions in SHB numbers in the hives trialled. The device is specifically designed to prevent bee access as the insecticide is very lethal to both SHB and bees. The insecticide has a low vapour pressure, reducing the risk of residue contamination. The device can be inserted into the hive via most hive entrances making it easy to install and remove from a colony. The product requires commercialisation and registration but to date has not attracted commercial interest. Recent research has found that adult SHB carry a yeast that grows on pollen and omits volatile chemicals that attract adult SHB. This knowledge may lead to the design of an effective lure/trap for use inside and/or outside of a beehive.

The bolded italicized text is concerning that there is no interest from commerce. That was 2008 and just wondered if there is any further development of this product



Sounds exactly like the Apithor trap https://apithor.com.au/how_to_use_apithor.html

I have one in one hive but I also have The AJ type traps sitting between the frames. Most of my hives have screened bottom boards with an oil trap underneath. Some of my hives have an entry trap as well.

This pic shows a partly assembled entry. The SHB trap is the metal grid structure. Grid gaps are 3mm. When completely assembled, the bee entry is a horizontal slot in the front of the baseboard. Bees land on an upward sloping ramp. Then they move 70mm under the hive, over the SHB trap and climb about 10mm into the hive.


How well does the oil tray work? And, what type of oil do you use?



Cheap vegetable oil. Canola I think it is. Yes it is I just checked. I leave it in the tray and in the AJ traps for a month or so.


How well does it work?


The combination of the oil, the traps, the entry grid and the screened bottom board works really well. When I started off my hives last year, they were almost overrun by SHB. That’s why I took an intensive approach to their control. Now I rarely see SHB.


I needed to do a thorough inspection of two of my hives this afternoon. The JB traps were loaded with dead beetles so I will have to clean them out. No time today so it will be a job for tomorrow. The bees propylise the traps to the top bars of the frames and today I saw one SHB grub as I prized out the trap. It was between the trap and the frame. Hadn’t seen anything like that before. No other evidence of SHB though.