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Is 15 days too long between inspecs?

Hello all, recently had a family member pass away and haven’t been able to inspect both my hives. My main hive has a lot of bees in the brood, like really squeezed in (thus i am worried for a swarm) yet I have a super on that they are currently in, and hopefully are filling with honey, yet have struggled to this spring due to some issues im troubleshooting.

the secend hive is okay, just had an issue with melting foundations, but they still haven’t filled out 3ish frames.

So is 15 days too long, since my last inspec was on the 1st and I won’t be able to make it back until the weekend.


You might check with your local beekeepers but you might be out of swarm season, in which case you can go much longer between inspections, if things are looking good and healthy, especially since you don’t have varroa.