Is this hive giving me a clue

I think after decapping it, I’d stick it back in the hive, hopefully the bees will consume some & replace it with regular honey.
I’m excited to think that maybe my bees will bring some in.

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Good work @RichieRumPirate. When it all happens so fast and one is only a beginner you always think “Am I doing this right?” I reckon in the end the bees teach us.
I’ve told all my neighbours about my bees and they get free honey so pretty sure there’re all ok with it. (Having said that, next door have just put their property on the market)

Jeff I did get onto the Flowhive guys and they essentially said the same thing. So all good.

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Hi Al, it’ll be interesting to see what the outcome is. Most of the honey in the frames that the bloke showed me was jellybush. He blew the guts out of the frames by spinning too hard.

That would be a lot of honey for the bees to consume or move around.

Me, I’m looking forward to getting some. I just scrape it out of the frames without breaking through the foundation. Then the bees simply clean the frames up, rebuild the comb before filling with more honey.

I think I’ll leave my flow super off for the time being.


Hope there is a bit of Jellybush around for you Jeff. Not that I really want to cash in on it, just be great to know. It’s a bit of a pain with the Flow frames. Sort of defeats the purpose if you have to take the flow frames out to extract honey.( Could always bring them up to your place)
Where would one get honey tested on the Sunny Coast?
I’ve just checked the frames now as to whether the bees are cleaning them up and they’re really going to town on the frame. At least from the side inspection panel. In fact I cannot even see the cells there’s so many bees. ( They were keen to check out the liniment on my hands too. Rookie mistake:smiley:)

I don’t think the jellybush honey will come out with an extractor. Actually I’m sure it wont come out. That other bloke blew the guts out of his traditional frames because he spun it too fast. Even doing that, the honey didn’t budge.

When using flow frames in an extractor, you have to be more gentle because I’ve been told that you risk the frames coming apart.