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Just put my super on, then checked the forecast

Hello all. I am from North-East Victoria, Australia.

I inspected my have 4 days ago (1st year hive) and they had nearly finished filling out the final outer frames. I called my bee mentor who said I should put the super on now. I did so today as it was sunny. Then I checked the weather forcast and it said this for the next week:

around 90% percipitation chance for most of those days. It still seems warm though. Will my bees be okay or should I remove the super? I have alreay opened the hive twice this week! BTW they have around 4 frames full of honey.


I would leave it on. They will cope fine :wink:

Hi Tom, does your mentor know the state of your hive? If he/she does, then he/she would know whether your colony can cope with a week of rain or not. As long as the bees have honey stores in the brood box, they should be ok. Your bees will be fine & ready to start storing honey once the weather fines up.

Take notice of your mentor.