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Keeping a smoker lit


I have to say I got some smoker pellets as a dual purpose item. Smoking some meat and smoking the bees. I have to say I will likely never use anything else ever again unless it is an emergency. The smoker pellets stayed lit beautifully, I barely had to use any of them to get a nice thick cool smoke.


here’s my way

Adding another super

He really packs it :slight_smile:


And… He really knows what he is doing :wink:


Dawn, Gerald, Dexter and all. Your the Bees Knees :slight_smile: and the information and patience with my inexperience was everything. Packed enough smoke for the day :slight_smile: . I will share some pictures my daughter took from a mile away :slight_smile: .
The bees were packed and I see they are going into the base. They were on the bottom and on the top and I dint want to brush them away from the top and I may have made a bummer mistake and squished some putting the top on. They were literally coming out of the hole. I could not see the frames. The medium frame filled with bees was heavy. Dang not sure about the deep one. I am pretty strong but its the bulk of the box. Plus why dont the boxes have real handles? Anyways, lots of bees stayed on the old top and bottom board. Next comes my new box to replace the white one. The action of moving the frames is not a problem but I dont know enough about bee behavior. Should I have tried to wipe the bees off before I put the roof on I smoked the whole top. See this is the stuff that after the 3rd child you got down. Anyways fun. My husband said he could see the smile on my face in the suit. :slight_smile: Finally BEES meet my Flow Hive. I has been a long time a coming.Tonight they are not hanging outside the box. I have pictures it wont let me too big for some reason.


try putting your pictures on something like photobucket, then simply copy and paste the url into your post here


Hello… where do you get these $5 bales of pine needles that you speak of? :slight_smile:


I live in South Carolina and Pine straw is used EVERYWHERE. so that may be
why it is so commonly available and cheap but i am able to get pine straw
season is coming to a close but im sure you can still get some, take a
trash bag with you and they may even just let you grab a pile of the loose
pine straw, they have to clean it up one way or another, why not let you do
it for them. Don’t know if you don’t ask.


if there are any parks around you, you could try picking up off the ground? Otherwise if you are in the Dandenongs at any stage I’d be happy to give you a couple of bags


Ha! I now pack the entire smoker, then stick a twig along the inside rim to make a gap that goes most of the way down, and use a 11" safety match that gets pushed down into the gap. The material catches flame from the bottom to the top. After years of struggling, this is now working for me. The length of the match is the secret - it lasts long enough for enough material to burn and not go out easily.
Success at last. Just took a few years. :mantelpiece_clock: