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Laying Worker or Queen


I already know the answer :wink:


Fabulous photo clarity…definitely an over enthusiastic queen…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have a winner!


My new Samsung Galaxy S8+ :slight_smile:


They are all in the bottom of the cells. Suggests you have a VERY productive queen. Workers generally can’t reach the bottom of the cells.



I bet that “burned a hole in your pocket”!!! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp: :sunglasses:


It wasn’t too bad:

I tell my wife, "I don’t need a phone: Who the heck wants to be at everyone’s beckoned call 24/7?

My phone never used to leave my work truck. People would say, “I called you but you didn’t answer:” uh yea, that’s the idea lol!


I was referring to something a little different… :blush:


Oh, I heard about that. My Note 4 used to get hot for no reason. The s8+ stays nice and cool :slight_smile:

When I got it I went to our Verizon store and asked to upgrade my Galaxy Note 4 to the latest IPhone since the rest of the family uses Apple. They told me, “that would be called a downgrade sir. Your old Note 4 has more features than anything the latest IPhone has at this point.”

So I stuck with Samsung.