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Lot of honey in collection trough. Normal?

That’s a shame that didn’t work, but certainly a good idea for tightening loose wires when the Flow Frames are partially full. To tighten after a harvest here is a video Cedar prepared - https://youtu.be/gbeOkXFSzgQ
This is from our Assembly and Modifications area - http://www.honeyflow.com/resources/flow-hive-assembly-modifications/p/142

Did you try the suggestion about putting the Flow Key in the top slot and turning a few times to double check all the cells are correctly aligned?
I have passed on your details to my team leader who will be emailing you personally to follow-up on this issue and see if we can find a solution.

Please check your inbox for any emails from Flow in the next couple of days.

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Thanks for the reply, Faroe, and thanks for forwarding the issue to your team leader, appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have now double checked the alignment, and will have to see if this solves the problem. (I’m pretty sure they were aligned well, but you never know!)

No problem :slight_smile: We will see I guess :wink:
If you take some photos it might show something.

Hello Faroe,

I gave it a couple of days, after I had used the flow key just to be sure, and it seemed to be solved. However, just now I saw that there is again nectar in the trough of a couple of flow frames, and it is starting to leak out again (see images).

I do not have a picture of how it was before I cleaned it up and after tightening the strings and using the flow key, but on the whole of the metal strip there was nectar. Give it a couple of days more, and that might be the case again, I’m afraid…

Hi Faroe n others,

Just added my Flow-super (7/14) to my bulging Flow-hive (90 plus %).

. I’ve enjoyed n benefited from others issues … I read most several times n take notes. Before adding my Flow-frames to the Flow-super I careful checked each frame, then operated each frame several times in step/part at a time n reclosed to ready position. here I rolled hot wax onto each frame to hopefully allow bees to like/accept wax frames more readily. Before a giving the Flownox I also sprayed each frame thoroughly with a 1:1 ratio sugar/syrup <imgsrc="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/honeyflow/original/2X/2/23a5d555b8c84d2ca377d36aa4ff17565d641548.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”> I’ve checked this morning again n my bees are up checking out n slurping all the syrup I sprayed in the Flow-super Uploading… I’m very pleased with my “Flow”. Not sure we have enough time for the bees to fill much. Our main seasonal nectar/pollen flow is just finishing now. It’s just clover, veggie n flower gardens plus our summer n fall weed blooms from now on to our colder weather mid September to mid October… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… My colony has also accepted a pollen trap n doing well. The colony has plenty of pollen stored on frames so I’m collecting to learn n make a few pollen patties for winter.

Enjoying beekeeping in Coalfield,


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Thinking I may do this as I am waiting for bees as a preventative,

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Update: The leaking eventually stopped, mostly, last year. This year, I have had no such problems with this same super containing the flow frames. (Of course, sadly, because of 3x swarming, they have not been filling up quite as well as last year, but I’m pretty sure that even if they would have been as full as last season, there would not have been the leakage problem I had before).

Our second, additional set of flow frames have hardly been used by the hive we put them on (due to this colony having been queen-less for some time, during the season). They have been working on getting the flow frames ready to fill them up, but it’ll have to be next year that this can actually happen. So, I have no news on possible leaking with these new flow frames.