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Lots of BLACK MOLD on my entry board and wall around entry

It was a tough Fall… my last hive got wiped out by the robbers. It took about 48hrs

The syrup I put by the woods did serve as a major distraction to the robbers and I had hoped it would give my remaining hive releif. Sadly, the robbers drank all the sacraficial honey and then returned to finish the job at the already weakend hive.

I will take your advise and see if an experienced beekeeper can locate the robbing colony in the nearby woods. Maybe they can be caught and placed in the one of my now empty hives?

Next Fall, I will try to avoid feeding my hives as Im sure this is what created the initial attraction from the robbers.

Thank you again Eva and Jeff for you very helpful advise.



Feed them if they need it but use an in hive feeder.

A robbing screen or at least a significantly reduced entrance also would help.