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Many dead larva outside of hive and just as many bees!

Went Out this morning to one of my Hives. One of my hives has many dead bees and larva. Bees were caring out pupa from the hive as I started looking around! It is mid summer 100 degrees plus. image|666x500

Anymore photos? Did you open the hive to see whats going on?

Yea here is a photo of the type of pupa, did a hive inspection yesterday and opened it up again this morning. I found nothing out of place in the hive. Only thing I can think of is that it got up to 112 F two days ago.

That’s pretty hot, could well have just been some overheated brood. Does this hive cop more sun than others?

Nope it’s in the shade all day. They all only get sun in the morning.