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Midwest Western Australia Geraldton area

Calling all Midwest bee keepers who has stopped raiding their honey supers due to lack of nectar flow? My bees seem to be bring a small amount in but I’m thinking its time to leave the rest for the bees

Hi @Ambrose I’ve got a friend who is semi commercial around the Geraldton area, not really migratory. Speaking with him over the last few weeks since Christmas he has started to feed some of his hives due to low nectar levels.

Next time I speak to him I’ll ask what and when he expects his next flow to be and report back, if I remember.


My strong hive has gained about one and a half frames worth of honey since Christmas. That is in the suburbs.
Not to bad considering the heat we have had.
Some rain would be nice.

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Thanks all for the reply’s, out of my 4 hives two are doing well the other two not as good.