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Missing bees in mid summer

I look at my hive every dayq, not inside or open it, just check around, brush off spiders, etc. Yesterday everything lo35oked great. Lots of bees in the flow hive super through the window, lots of bees coming and going, good buzzing sound from hive. This morning there are about half as many bees. No dead bees around hive. No strange debris on the bottom board. Just only a few bees in the window, only a few coming and going. What do I do with now?

Inspect inside the brood box for signs of swarming. :blush:



Urgently search surrounding trees, bushes and structures for a swarm. A large swarm can be a big (and sometimes almost silent) dark mass hidden in foliage and with just a few bees flying off it. A prime swarm can be close to the hive from which it came. At some stage they will take off from their interim position and go to their new home (if they haven’t already).


Your bees swarmed Sandi, Dan2 has told you where to look for them and there is a chance you might find them. If you locate them they may go back into the hive if you have them in a box at the hive entrance.
Looking at the hive every day is not going to stop swarming again, as a bee keeper you should join a local bee group and ask for advice, Even ask for someone to have a look at your hive and explain the very basics to you Learn how to care for your bees properly.


How often do you inspect the brood box?
You definitely need to look in now because if you don’t do something you will lose another swarm in ten days or so and likely another a day after then you will have few bees, probably only a quarter if the number you had yesterday. Peter has a point. You need to learn how to manage your bees.