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Missing honey in flow hive


2 weeks ago I could see the middle super cartridges had honey at the end where the honey is drained. I checked yesterday thinking that it may be time to take honey from the centre cartridges but there was no honey on the end. I checked the cartridge by taking it out and there were many capped cells in the middle. Would the bees have eaten the honey at the end of the cartridge


They may have eaten it, if there is a nectar dearth. If it is uncapped, they also like to move it around quite a bit. :wink:


Greeting Table,

Guessing your in a warmer climate or Down Under but your profile is less than vague. It’s helpful to us if we know some basic data in your profile. Otherwise we are guessing (SWAGs) …As Dawn mentioned, Bee’s will often eat or move the supplies around.

Last Summer up here in Puget Sojnd near Seattle we got at least 6 weeks of hot n dry weather. I had had nectar n capped honey in central three Flow-Frames n also in shallow supers of my conventional Lang hive. Within a couple weeks (with very limited local flowers thus no nectar my industrious girls quickly rearranged their honey :honey_pot: supply n it disappeared from all my upper supers. It happens all the time with limit nectar flows or dreath in our area.

Just another little lesson n factoid in the learning curve of beekeeping.

Maybe you’ll get another flow n they will pop back up. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:,



Thanks for the advice Dawn


Thanks Gerald I am in Malanda North Qld quite hot during the day at present