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Mixed Flow/Traditional Frames


I purchased a Flow Light 4-frame setup via Indiegogo last year, modified a Langstroth body, and got it set up. I’ve put it in use this year for a very active, seemingly highly productive colony.
Yet after two months, the bees simply aren’t doing much in the Flow frames. I see bees there, they have worked to seal most cells in the four frames. But it’s gone really slow.
To encourage them up into the frames, I did the following in various stages:

  1. Removed the queen excluder
  2. Replaced empty honey frames with completed/full honey frames.
  3. Melted, rolled some wax onto the Flow frames
  4. Sprayed syrup on the frames
  5. Placed empty foundation next to the frames.
    The only Flow frame which has been worked, and had honey is one adjacent to a harvested, returned frame that was right next to a flow frame. Apparently, the bees started to work the side of the flow frame at the same time they were working the open comb right next to it. I’ve now got one-half of one side of a Flow Frame filled.
    I’m exasperated. Any other ideas? I am beginning to think that the only way the bees are going to fill Flow frames is if I have a whole super full of them. But I’m disinclined right now to throw another $260 at the problem for three more frames. The cost is still exhorbitant.


Barry, I’m wondering if the honey flow in your area could be a bit light? Alternatively perhaps your bee colony might not be as strong as it could be? Have you any other hives to compare the flow?


Hi Barry, if I was you I’d keep doing what your doing. Did you say the bees are filling the traditional frames? If the bees have filled half of one side of one frame, chances are, they’ll fill the rest. You could probably move those frames around & keep putting a fresh side next to the traditional frames. I believe that once the bees start working the flow frames, they’ll keep on working them. I don’t think you need to throw any more money at the problem…cheers


I had the same problem in getting them to accept the Flow Frames but I found in the end I just needed to be patient and leave them alone and let the bees do their stuff, now they are well a truly doing what they do best. I found the less disturbance the better worked for us.

It will happen

good luck