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Moisture inside Flow Frames

Hi Keith, it was good to catch up the other day. It’s kind of like what I was talking about the other day. The days are getting shorter & the nights are cooling down.

When you said “one frame is almost empty”, I immediately assumed that the bees hadn’t worked on it much. Then you said that the bees may have hatched (emerged) recently. If that IS the case, it’s good to be aware of what’s happening there because although the frame looks interestingly empty, it could be full of new eggs & or very young larvae.

If the bees don’t want the queen to lay in that empty comb, invariably they’ll fill the empty cells with honey, when it’s available.

I’m in the middle of a honey flow here, with my bees at Wise’s Farm & Kuluin. It looks like continuing or even improving over the next month or so. A lot of gum trees in the area are heavily in bud, plus all the Golden Pendas are in flower or coming into flower. Not to mention a lot of Paperbarks are also in flower. It could be similar where your bees are.

I brought home 11 boxes full of honey before a late breakfast this morning. That’s from half my hives. I’ll extract that tomorrow. I got 10.5 boxes from the same half 2 weeks ago. On account of all the recent rain, I wasn’t expecting to find so many full frames.

PS Keith, the point I want to make is: some of my hives are going gangbusters while at the same time some of the hives are just coasting along. It brings home what I was saying about having more that just one hive.