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Moths tiny wasps took over my hive


I just lost my hive, it was full of moths, some not hatched yet, either the bees took off or they died although I never saw any dead ones, but they are out with my chickens…I still have a few bees flying around, but took the hive and am cleaning it. I also had those tiny wasps, but only think they ate the wax and the sugar water I was feeding to the bees, going to try again next spring…hope I have better luck, and will watch for them better


Gosh that’s too bad Joan, sorry to hear it. From all I’ve learned so far it would seem your colony was weak somehow in the first place, which is how many pests & robbers like wax moths & wasps get a foothold.

If you feel like it, please do post more details about your colony, management & setup and I’m sure you’ll get lots of helpful replies about what might’ve gone wrong. And better luck next time :rainbow::honeybee: