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My last night on the forum, and I have enjoyed it greatly

Thank you to all the friends I have made here, I have enjoyed the discussions, the banter and passing on my experience in bee keeping.
Cheers to you all.


Oh dear, another one bites the dust… :cry:

Come cough with the rest of the story.:slightly_smiling_face:


I hope not literally.:anguished:


Me too, I just had that old Queen song running through my head when I read @Peter48’s message. :thinking:

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Peter, what’s going on? I hope you’re just kidding.

No Jeff, I’m not kidding at all, I am over the abuse on the forum and the same in PM’s from a person who has decided against me for his own reasons.
Did you get a phone call from a guy at St Lucia wanting a nuc, he didn’t know how to contact you so I gave him your number.

Hi Peter, that’s horrible. We both feel for you. Feel free to pop in for a black coffee any time :slight_smile: You wont even have to do anything to earn it. I don’t think you’ve tried my bread yet. I’m in the process of making a big batch today.

No Peter, I haven’t heard from that bloke. I messaged him myself, as requested. The nucs are going like hot cakes. 5 went yesterday. It’s at the expence of honey at the moment. So we’re putting the price up with any new inquiries.

Take care old mate, cheers for now.

A mate in Sydney tells me is selling nucs for $250, but they are hardly a nuc as there is no laying queen, I would call it just a queen-less split.
I’m out of honey and Lysa texted me for 50 kg’s today which I can’t supply. I spent this morning feeding some hives and check on stores with the rest. Each hive is going thru 500 ml a day. It is going to be a tough year.
I was out at Warwick helping a new bee keeper last week end, he has two hives in his yard, not even a blade of dead grass, it is just dirt. Lots of paddocks of dirt and hand feeding cattle. Lots are worse off than we are here.

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Hi @Peter48,

I was sorry to see this post - have PM’d you.

Hoping for rain and your return to the forum.

All the best


A few of the nucs are heading out to Drillham. I hope there’s enough forage out there for them.

The bees are getting enough honey down here to hold their own, plus produce a little surplus. There’s enough distant gums in flower, especially at Kuluin where there’s a large amount of Tallowwoods in flower. I only got 45 kilos this week. We’re only letting customers have 3 kilos & we’re thankful for those who want less.

If someone is bothering you just go to their profile and in the upper left, click “normal” then in the drop down menu click “ignored”.



Hope you hang in there Peter48…your comments add to the diverse opinions and stimulate discussion (which is a good thing)…and those same comments reflect how you have interpreted your experience over many years of keeping bees. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for that. I am sure this is a feature many will not have known about.


If you’re watching Peter, it looks like spring is here as far as the bees are concerned. I went into a colony this morning just to get some brood frames. The honey super was nowhere near full of bees. I discovered that it was preparing to swarm. So I’ll be checking all the rest, whether the honey super is full of bees, or not.

Thanks for all of your insightful comments and feedback Peter.
The Forum will be poorer for not having your contributions.


Hi Chris, knowing Peter, he’d be beside himself with excitement after the rain we got last night. My little rainwater tank filled to overflowing. It was down to a trickle. At first I was excited for my garden, then I remembered the rainwater tank. Double excitement.

I know Peter got it because a bloke who lives about 15k’s north of him got his tanks filled also. I’m 15k’s south of him.

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Hey JeffH
Is there any way the Forum Administrators can block the person who is being “antisocial”, for want of a better word, towards Peter?
Seems a shame that Newbees like myself and others miss out on Peter’s knowledge because of someone who is not doing the right thing.
Who do I follow this up with, because I feel quite strongly about this sort of poor behaviour.


Hi Chris, this forum used to be well moderated. The moderators (I know @Faroe could) could even see what’s in private messages so as to determine who is the bully & who is the victim, then give appropriate warnings. Some folks got their accounts cancelled on account of behavior that wasn’t up to community guidelines of decent behavior as laid out in the forum guidelines.

Any post can be flagged for moderation by any member. Then the moderator can determine what action is to be taken, if any.

Having a post flagged has a silver lining :slight_smile: because it earns you another badge :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Individual comments can be flagged as inappropriate, and yes members can be banned entirely if this is deemed necessary.

The forum is still being moderated and in this situation appropriate actions have been taken. I am, of course, not at liberty to name names or share specifics. However, I can assure you that bullying and antisocial behaviour will continue to be stamped out anywhere it is spotted (thankfully most posts are well intended, friendly and helpful).

Thank you for your concerns and for your ongoing contributions to the forum.