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New to Bees, Flow Hive 2, 6 frame

can i upgrade a FH2 6 frame to 7 frame ?

I would send your question and order number to info@honeyflow.com as soon as possible. They will tell you whether it is too late to change your order, won’t they @Freebee2? :wink:

thank you Dawn,
but i am thinking later, if i want to change my 6 frame to a 7 frame ! :wink:

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Then you can’t do it. The boxes are different sizes. You will just have to buy a second hive, which is what most of use do in the end anyway! :rofl:


Hi @Andreas_Wiking

You’ll find some great beekeeping advice from the wonderful community on the forum, and don’t forget to also contact info@honeyflow.com if you need any product assistance :slight_smile:

@Dawn_SD thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:

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