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Hi Eva, they call the honey from Aussie native stingless bees “sugarbag honey”. Here is my video of harvesting a little bit of it, after we moved the colony into a smaller box a few years ago.



Hi Brendan,
You can get bees in a variety of ways, a full hive, 5-frame Nuc, package of
bees or a swarm. It’s getting late in the season for swarms, there’s a
waiting list for packages and full hives can be pricey. You may find some
Nucs amongst some beekeepers out your way that are splits. Gumtree is
another site worth checking out too. Just be wary about disease and the
quality of the bees with the hive, also check the age of the comb in the
hive, and that it’s not too dark.
As it happens I do have a couple of Nucs that are ready to go up into a
full hive, they are destined to be transported to a site in north west
Sydney but I am willing to part with them. I am located near Chatswood so
it’s a bit of a drive but let me know if interested.


Hey mate thanks for the reply just waiting for my flow hive I’m a newbie to this game so got a lot to learn will get back to you regarding buying some of your bees
Thanks Brendan


Jeff & Wilma, thank you for this video!! My whole family enjoyed it & and I truly appreciate the fascinating new knowledge :heart_eyes::honeybee: Spiral combs!!! So cool


Hi Jeff,
This was so interesting; loved the peek into this native bee hive.
Can you describe the flavor texture further?


Hi & thank you Tracy & @Eva. The flavor is beautiful & sweet, citrusy & much more runny than normal honey. That would explain why the bees store it in little pots. I think that the honey would run out of normal honey comb.

I found that I have to store it in the freezer. Even in the fridge, it tends to go vinegary in time.

Having some of this honey is a bit of a luxury you would keep for special occasions. If there is any available, it sells for around $200.00 a kilo.

Apparently tests are proving that sugarbag honey is just as or even more potent than Manuka honey.


Hi Shazz

They are not called ‘sugarbag bees’ because of how they look when they return home, but because they store the honey in a tear drop shaped propolis bag, within the hive.

Best wishes


Hi BeePeeker

Native bee honey has a higher water content (~25%) than honey bee honey (~17%).

When I have tasted the native bee honey, I found it very citrusy, tangy.

best wishes


I am in Virginia IL and will be setting up my first hive this spring (18). I have been reading and studying a lot and am excited to get started. It seems the flow hive is pretty controversial as though anyone using one doesn’t really care about the bees. It is what got me interested in the bees in the first place so I am super excited to find some other beekeeper with this set us so I can ask questions about your experience.




Hi, I’m Toyese Oyerinde from Nigeria and new to bee keeping. Just want to ask before I make my purchase of flow hive that, does the hive works well with African bees? Will be happy if I could get answers here. Very happy to be here sirs and mas


Hi @Toyese

I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I have a Flow hive. Here we work with apis mellifera capensis (Cape bee), who is the cousin of apis mellifera scutellata (African bee). There are many types of bee in Africa, and Nigeria is not African bee territory, so I’m not entirely certain which bees you have there. Would love to find out, though.

My Flow functions perfectly well with my bees, even though they are smaller than the European bee. This Saturday I’m harvesting for the first time! Very excited!

Welcome to the forum! There are many fine folk here and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your experience just as much as I have.


Hi Vestigia,
I am very delighted to read from a fellow African beekeeper and thanks very much for the information. Will have to fine out too, the kind of bees we have here but, I am happy to read from a fellow African. Also, why is the brood box necessary for me ? I thought that having the flow hive is more than enough. Kindly put me through. Though sorry if my question sounds embarrassing. Laughs


The brood box is where bees raise their young, lay eggs, store pollen, store honey. It’s their living quarters, so to speak. The super is just for storing honey so the beekeeper can steal it.


So, when I am ordering for the hive, its just good and important that I order brood box along with it. I should also not leave the smoker behind too


Sir, how often do honey come out of the hive? What are the flowers to plant in a garden to provide nectar for the bees? Is it also true that collecting of honey from the bees is just once a year? Pls sir, enlighten me on this sir


That’s correct. It’s important that you order a bee suit as well. I would
also suggest looking at local shops that sell normal Langstroth or top bar
hives. The Flow hive is a treat, but it is very expensive. It is also
imperative that you start reading beekeeping books as well as attend bee

The Flow hive is like a high-tech sickle: although it makes harvesting much
easier, you still have to till the soil, fertilize, sow the seed, water,
check for pests etc. The Flow hive is not a short cut.

Have you watched their beekeeping videos on YouTube?


Hi everyone!

Complete newbee here :slight_smile:

Planning on purchasing 2 Flow Hives to start with new hobby this spring and have already booked 2 nucs. Just waiting excitedly for our UK winter to pass.


Hi got some :honeybee: 2 weeks ago from a local :honeybee: man am going 2 open and inspected girl 2 day :grin: new bee and don’t no what 2 expect…?


Hi Brendan,
How did you go getting some bees? They are a little hard to come by at this
time of the year. Let me know, as I do have some colonies for sale, all
varying sizes… They were re-queened just before Xmas to keep their gene
pool pure. Caucasian breed.
I am away doing a honey wine course in California at the moment but will be
back in Sydney in 2 weeks… Cheers Rod