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Hi David, I am very new to bee keeping, and my farm where the Flow Hive will be installed is in Morong, Bataan, just past Subic. I am a granny, and I hope I can learn through experts like you.


Hello from Canada.

Slowly getting my stuff in order to start a little family of bees. Looking forward to the future :slight_smile:



I am Jean from Belgium, and I joined this site because soon, I’ll be a beekeeper myself. I have been living in Brussels for decades and always loved to care for bees with my father in the countryside. Now that I’ve landed a job that allows me to do so, I’ll finally be able to buy a house like these ones… in which, of course, I’ll be putting my very first own bees! So, I joined this community as to learn more about beekeeping in relatively warm climates, unlike my rainy homeland.


Hi Everyone,

Warwick here, another newbie to beekeeping in the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW Australia. Had my flow hive since October 2017 and got a nuc in November from Urban Bee Supplies in Sydney. Did a great introductory course with them which is why I transported the nuc up to our small farm in the back of the car, a little nerve racking!
Has been a slow start due to the drought in the area, after the recent rain my single brood box seems to be almost filled out with the exception of one of the very outside frames. Have joined the local bee association but yet to get to a meeting. Was looking for some advice on whether to add a second brood box, is it too late, should I just add the flow super?

Cheers Warwick


Your beginners journey reads much like ours a year earlier, with bees back in the car after the beginners course.
We are up Byron way, in the mountains.
Our bees depend on National Park forage, which is not constant as down in urban areas, but the honey we do get is utterly awesome.

I reckon, if your broodbox is full and busy, add the flow super. It takes a fair bit of bees’ work to prepare the flow frames, at least you’ll be up and running for spring.
You could help the bees build that last frame with a small sugar syrup baggie on the board under the roof if your flow isn’t strong enough right now. Then rub some burr comb on the flow frames, put the box on and see what happens.
If it fails and it doesn’t get busy up in the flow box before winter, or problems arise, such as chalkbrood, you can always condense them back down into the broodbox.
All depends on your locality, but generally I would think the hunter valley has forage all year round.

Our first nuc was acquired end November, put the flow box on mid December (a bit early because we had to go away for a month), and by Feb we harvested our very first frame. By April, we had harvested all flow frames, except frame 1 and 6. And they say 2017 was a really bad Honey year.

Well, we caught the bug and split and did stuff, so we now have 7 active hives, ready for 10 (our limit).
Good luck to your journey.
Get at least a second hive though. Flow or not.

Ah, the second brood box. I tried it on one of my hives. The bees filled the equivalent of a box with honey down there. Won’t do that again.
Unless your local advice urges you to have 2 brood boxes, I wouldn’t go that way.
It’s probably a safer way for people who don’t want to manage their hives in spring, I don’t know. Might work.
I rather have the flow frames filled and do a split in spring if needed. There’s your second hive!
To be sure, you can always order a queen from a reputed breeder.


Hi Warwick,
What a lovely spot is Gresford, you cannot go wrong there. As for your bees, what is flowering in the area at the moment? this will determine your next step with the bees. Closer to the coast the paperbarks are flowering in abundance, this is bringing in nectar for a honey harvest and pollen for raising healthy young bees.

Its still warm, so you can move those outer empty frames closer to the middle of the brood, just move them in two or three frames on each side.

My question is why? Do you think you need two brood boxes? personally there is nothing wrong with going this way but it does have a few drawbacks.
More bees - not really… a number of commercial beekeepers found the no. of bees to be the same

More food storage for the bees - yes… so 2 brood boxes will help in colder areas, however a single box is also beneficial in cooler areas as the cluster as less room to keep warm and thus needing less food during the cooler months. (in areas of deep snow this does not apply)
Better overwintering - not in this part of the world
Swarm Management - is not a simple explanation nor is there a perfect remedy. Some say that bees swarm less with double brood, I am not so sure. With a single brood box, inspection and frame/brood manipulation is an easier task as it needs to be performed every 2-3 weeks during spring, it also helps to cycle out older frames & brood wax (this is essential). This will still need to be done with a double brood setup and there are twice as many frames to inspect and manipulate.
The Urban Beehive team operate single brood setups, I am hoping they will have explained the process to you during the course.

Your brood box in my opinion should be full, I know the recommendation is 75-80% full, but if you want to see some action in the Flow super then the bees will only start using it when they have no where else to go and a good nectar flow in the area. Keep an eye on those trees.



This is Luca from Italy.
We have assembled our first Flow Hive!
We now look forward to installing a nuc soon! Spring is coming :wink:


Your hive looks beautiful! FYI, the super is on back to front. You want the curved removable panel to be at the back of the hive for harvesting, and the FLOW logo on the roof should be above the landing board. :blush:


Hi Dawn,

Yep the super is voluntarily positioned like that, just for the picture :wink:
Regarding the logo, I think now it is too late :joy:
Thank you!


Thanks so much for the advice, I am thinking I will add the Flow Super this weekend and see how we go.


Thanks Rodderick, i am thinking I will just add the flow super this weekend. After some recent rain things seem to have picked up and the last frame in the brood box has now got honey in it,


Hola Matias, hey me gustaría saber si recibiste bien tu hive y cómo te ha resultado, con un grupo de amigos queremos comprar una pero nos gustaría saber de la experiencia de otro chileno, nos podríamos poner en contacto? Saludos y muy buena semana!


Hello everyone, my name is Pablo, I’m from Santiago, Chile, I am a seminarian and with a group of priests and other students we want to settle some hives in the seminary, we would like to get all the possible advices in order to have a good experience. We are excited and happy to start this project!


Hello all beefreaks :smile:

I am close to 40, I have a beautiful girlfriend and two lovely children at 5 and 7. I am a newbee to Flow Hive.

I saw a youtube video about all that delicious honey. We love honey in this family, but we only have a small garden, so I doubt if we have space for our own bee house here in the southern part of Aarhus (Højbjerg, Denmark)? We hope we can. I am looking forward to reading more about everything here at Flow Forum and getting in touch with someone who can help us on the way.

I would like to go all-in for the honeyworld :hugs: so I hope to get som nice tricks from all of you here on FlowForum :v:

Best regards,