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No comb, but honey for installed package?


My first ever package due to arrive this week.
Noob, so no drawn comb available.

I have a top feeder and I’m ready to go with sugar syrup, but is there an advantage in helping to “anchor” the swarm by supplying honey or honey/water?

Thank you.


None at all unless it’s their own honey…which it obviously isn’t.
I wouldn’t use anybody else’s and certainly not shop bought. The danger of introducing disease is too great. They will be fine with just sugar to get them started. Once you have some capped stores and they are out foraging stop feeding.


Honey will be a useful resource for the bees, but open brood is what would anchor them. Any comb, of course, will smell more like home and feel more like home than no comb… but brood would do the most.