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OA: Sublimation v. Dribble


Has this been discussed here to death?

How do I begin to decide between the two application techniques?


The latter can be done only the once per season and involves opening the hive.
The former can be repeated, does no harm to the bees and can be done without opening the box.
I gave up dribbling four years ago


My mother says I stopped dribbling almost 50 years ago. I bet I will start again some time though! :smile:

Oh, you mean Oxalic acid! :blush: One more thing to add about the Oxalic acid dribble. It seems to be most effective when the hive is broodless and the bees are clustered. That means it isn’t really optimal in warmer climates like coastal California, Florida and southern Texas. Elsewhere, you would consider doing it in November or whenever you have reason to think your bees are clustering nicely. It seems a bit cruel to me to dribble (relatively) cold liquid on a warm ball of bees, but that is the way it works best.

I suppose we just have to choose our methods according to what we think is best for our bees, keeping good records and learning from the process.


Dribbling comes to us all Dawn :slight_smile:
And as for bloodless it’s nice to see spell check working the same either side of The Pond :wink:


Some of us think our bees are VAMPIRES!!! :smile: Error corrected :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guess that’s the nasty varroas’ job :japanese_ogre:

Vaporize 'em, I say!


In a way our bees are bloodless. They have hemolymph… :smiling_imp: But I agree on destroying varroa the destroyer… :wink: