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Officially Beekeeping!

It’s all set the bees are home! Friday morning we made a drive to our bee shop to pick up a box of bees. It was quite the experience as we pulled in and there are about 100 boxes of bees along the sidewalk and people coming from all over to get their bees. My daughter and wife were a little weary as we walked into the store and bees are flying everywhere. (I managed to pick up a 8 frame deep, queen excluder, and a new spray bottle). The man at the counter said find whatever box you want and go ahead and take them. So, not knowing anything I found a box with the least amount of dead bees in the bottom and we were on our way to their new home!

We got the bees home then of course my other 2 daughters had to get their pictures with the bees (and my wife too, actually I asked them so I could have the pic). I had already had everything set for the day so all we need to do was suit up and get the bees oit of that box. My wife and I both suited up, in case I needed some help when we were transferring them. I got the top off and pulled out the queen cage and showed everyone the queen of the hive (we named her EPI-PENNY)
After oo oooing and Ahhhhing over the queen I put her between the frames in the middle. Then proceeded to dump the box of bees in the hive. It was an awesome experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything (well, maybe reeling in a 90lb tuna). I set the frames on the pile of bees and let them float down careful not to squish any of the girls. Then of course put everything back and stood there behind the hive watching them fly all over.
After about an hour the bees were already getting into the clover in the yard! It was awesome. I was going to mow and decided I better just let them have the clover (the neighbor’s are going to love that)…
I have to give a shout out to Dawn for the reco on the cardboard under the hive. And Gerald for great advice as well. The girls seem happy and active by 7am, I put my chair up near the hive and enjoy a cold brew with them. I will give an update in 4 days when I check my queen cage to see if EPI-PENNY is free yet. Thanks everyone for your advice and I can’t wait to learn more!!


Thank you! By the way, it isn’t cardboard, it is corrugated plastic, aka coreflute or coroplast if you ever need to buy more. :blush:

I would doubly endorse that advice to put the slider all the way into the upper slot, if I had remembered that you were installing a package. Packages generally do not like open SBBs - I know that @Michael_Bush feels that way too. :wink:


This is a great thread to bookmark for next time someone says that bees are in trouble. I know I have.

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@Craig_DeCicco here was our install day Craig. We haven’t had any ants around the place yet. I am also using a brushy mountain garden hive with a front feeder.