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One super or two?

No worries. we all understand that different conditions and climate as it is now is what often dictates how we best manage hives. My last Summer was so different to ‘normal’ I had to really change my practices. Record heatwaves in duration, record temperatures and no rain at all in my wet season. Heaps of flowering but the flowers had no nectar in them. My hives all used stores to get thru the weather. But 18 klms away a mate’s hives didn’t suffer nearly as bad as mine, but not extracting much.
We all agree to disagree sometimes, and there is often more than one way of hive management.
Where in England are you?
Cheers Jan

I’m in Leicestershire in the East Midlands. Climate quite settled and we seldom have snow in the area I live in as I live in a dip and am protected by higher ground around me

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Hi. Rule of thumb in southern and central UK is August is a time to remove honey, start winter preparations. That’s feeding. I have nationals and supers. Brood is 1.5 boxes for me now but I am going to 2 full nationals next spring. Mainly because I believe that’s better with the flow super. But 2 brood boxes needs even more winter prep because that quantity of bees in a warm winter will consume stores quickly. Even more reason to start winter preparations in August.

Over here the workers kick the drones out in August that’s after they have removed the wings! So the bees know it prep time too.

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I wouldn’t split a colony in August, but I might combine 2 small colonies. Only needed to once. It worked.

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