Panic! New Queens arrived for a split but bad weather...what do I do?

I had a sort of similar situation last month. Here is the thread:

To cut to the chase, I would suggest the following:

  1. Give the caged queens and attendants a drop of water every 24 hours - do not let it fall on them. Either put it on the mesh, or if it falls through, position the cage so that the water is at the bottom, and there is a dry area for the bees to gather themselves on.
  2. If you can take a drop of honey from your existing hive, give that to the caged bees too, once every 24 hours.
  3. Make up 2 nuclei from your existing hives ASAP in 5-frame nucleus boxes. Feeding water and honey as described above should be good for a few days, but if the attendants die, your queen will follow soon after. Making queenless nuclei is a great way to keep your new queens alive for long periods of time. Each nucleus should ideally be about 2 frames of brood (some close to emerging), 2 frames of food and the 5th frame either a dummy board, or whatever else your hives can spare. Twenty-four hours after making the nuclei, introduce your new queens in their cages, removing cork/plug (over the candy) but leaving candy in place, as needed.

I realize that you may not have the equipment to do what I suggest, but that is what I would do.

If you don’t have my options, I would pick the best day, inspect and find the old queen. Dispatch her. Split the hive and reduce the entrance on both new hives. Listen for queenless roar (takes about an hour). Introduce the new queens and pray. Pray hard. :blush: You should be OK, but not guaranteed. :wink: