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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow


Well? How’s it going people? I’m seeing the Marri flowering, anyone seeing a good flow happening?
I’m also seeing more drones…


ME! :smile: OK, I know you don’t care about California really, but here it is:


Hi Dawn

It should be warming up nicely in California! :slight_smile:

Nothing much happening in my part of the woods except for some bottlebrush beginning to flower. All the pods on the gums are still not bursting yet, not hot enough i guess


ME! :slight_smile: I’m also OK, I extracted yesterday. A lot of frames had some substantial amounts of Jellybush honey left in them, which I scraped out into a bucket. It makes a mess of the comb, however the bees fix it up alright, better than one would anticipate.

I’m expecting to have to rob again on Fri. or Sat. (not the same hives) I’m sure there’ll be more Jellybush honey in the frames.

There is a bit of a honey flow happening for me at the moment.


That’s a very nice slope on that graph. Especially for Winter. Sure your not next door to Jeff in California on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.


Lot of activity in the Flow but no honey yet.


We haven’t slipped across the equator yet, but some think California will not stay part of the US mainland for too much longer… especially if some politicians get their way! :smiling_imp:

That hive is doing well, but inspecting the others, they are doing OK but a bit short of pollen stores in the frames. I suppose that is to be expected for this time of year. Going to give the weaker hives some artificial (non-animal and organic) protein soon, as 2 frames of brood is a bit low. My best hive has about 5 frames of brood already, and still plenty of space for the queen to lay. Need to keep an eye on the varroa too - they are very vulnerable right now.



The gums are all starting to flow in the south-east hills (Mount Richon / Bedfordale) and my bees are finally starting to get busy in the Flow-Frames.

I was a bit worried for a while as the girls didn’t seem to be doing much, except rearranging the brood frames with very little activity in the Flow-Frames.

I removed the Flow-Frames for two weeks and waxed them up and put them back in.

Now that the gums that they live under and in the area have started flowering I have replaced the waxed Flow-Frames frames.

The girls are now busy inside playing with the heavily waxed Flow-Frames and seem to be very active in the centre this week.

The pics below were taken this week.

Side view of girls working waxed frame

View from back of girls working centre frames


An update on the flow progress with the local gums all in flower now.
I thought that they would fill the flow frames from the centre to the outsides.

16/02/2018 - Side View

16/02/2018 - Rear View


How’s it going Perthites? The bees have exploded here this last week it won’t be long before I’ll be needing more jars!


You have already taken honey?

Edit: Just finished inspecting flow super and will be tapping honey tomorrow or next day.
All frames about 90% capped. Did the bee shake with the frames flat and no honey came from the 10% uncapped so all looking good for tomorrow. Now where is that spy glass thingy that needs calibrating.


Hi Skeggley,Ended up getting 16kgs. 10 from the flowframes and 6 from 4 frames in the standard super above. Away in NZ for the next three weeks. Bee interesting to see if the girls are still bearding when I return! Left 4 full centre frames in case we have a cold snap!


Well just finished tapping the hive.
Took just 19 days from when the first honey was deposited to today.
Finished with 13 Kg ranging from 16% to 17%. Bulk of the honey was between 16 and 16.5 % water.
Colour is lighter than last year and the taste is out of this world. Went to take photo but battery dead.

Not as easy as last year. All was going nice and easy as I tapped frames 3,4 and 5 . With that done I went to change to 1, 2 and 6 and in the process of opening the frames with the joy stick I dislodged the top cover. All hell broke loose so I ran for cover and donned the suit. I went back after an hour and closed 1 and 2 down as they had almost finished. I hadn’t opened frame 6 so left it. One sting on the eye lid and one on the arm so considering the swarm attacking me was so big it blotted out the sun I did very well. They even picked my blind eye to sting. Now there is consideration for you.


You are gamer than I am busso.
I always wear a hat with veil and glasses when checking the hive and a full suit and smoke whenever opening.


Oh @busso. There sure are times when best not to dislodge the roof.
Prob too late in the afternoon?
Is that honey from your famous marri flow? If it’s lighter than last year, do you think it’s due to other nectar plants? I suppose so, don’t think the marri changes Colour.

Got a gift of a marri cross tree for Chinese New Year. It’s already planted and opened its first flower today.


Too funny busso, perhaps when you are cracking the frames in the future you should use your good eye to line up the key… :joy:
Your water content seems to be really low, I had a really thick honey from the pot colony late last year, it was 17% yet the BW colony beside was runny at 18% at the same time.

@Webclan, glad you got a marri, hopefully it doesn’t become a weed over there. :wink:
I’d send across some seeds but apparently they need to be smoked before growing. I’m seeing flowering ones at 1M tall. I planted a few jarrah tube stock (our council has a trees for residents program), two years ago here and they are close to 400mm tall now. They’d prolly be bigger if I watered them… Marri or red gum are better than jarrah in a way as they flower most years.
This year seems to be as good as last the frames are filling fast.

I’ve never felt the need to suit up when extracting, I’ve not done it outside of a flow though, I’ve recently had wax from a crush and strain outside and the bees aren’t interested! Ants on the other hand…


Yes, and it is lighter in colour. I suspect that there is much more nectar available than last year.
The roads under big flowering marri trees have splatters of nectar all over them, I kid you not.

Just looking at last year, the honey started being deposited almost to the day, but the flow was filled and capped 2 weeks earlier this year. The way things are going I may be tapping again in 3 weeks.


:rofl: I am going to use a good suggestion from our @Dawn_SD and replace the top cover with a tea towel or similar while tapping the hive. Normally the top cover is propolised shut but that is broken when inspecting the frames and it is rather flimsy.

How different it was this year to last when I did the whole hive in shorts and thongs (don’t let your imagination run wild here DD) hardly saw a bee out back, no spills, no dramas. But then thats life eh.

Edit: I did have towel, but have edited it to tea towel as @Dawn_SD in another post advises bees can get caught in bath towels .


Eye stings and thongs, nothing gets better that that :wink: Do you have any photos lol


Working hard flow update

23/02/2018 - Side View

23/02/2018 - Back View