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Picnic Blanket On Core Flute


I watched a video before I got my Flow Hive from the Flow Hive YouTube channel and I remembered Louise gave a recommendation to staple the bottom side up of picnic blankets to the core flute under the bottom board to capture SHB. After trying it, I would recommend against doing so. It just got caught in the metal and about 3/4 of all the cotton is now stuck to it. I had to take all the boxes off to remove some of the cotton, and I couldn’t even remove most of it because of how stuck it was in it. I do not know if I did anything wrong, and also it did not trap and SHB, however it did trap a good amount of varroa mites.


He used double sided tape, but I agree that I don’t do it anymore. My bees pulled enough of it up to make it a pain when I had it in the bottom slot. I am just catching debris at this point so it doesn’t matter though.