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Plenty of enquiries and interest


Well I’ve never kept it secret that I have complete Flow Hives.

At the National Honey Show I chatted to a few people who were interested in Flow Hives and last night at our local group meeting - which are now indoors and once a month instead of weekly at the apiary until March 2016 - there are plenty of people asking me have I got my hives and how they are working.

Come April I might have to do a few Show and Tells - I’m far enough I hope from the Oil Seed Rape (OSR)/Canola not to have too many problems.

All enquiries seem possitive


Not all dinosaurs, then :wink:


That will be the way to do it I think. Show, don’t tell always gets thru quicker to the dubious.


Sara I have joined every meeting I could over summer, I’m booked on a course in January for 6 weeks - the fact I have stuck around, joined in and am learning as much as possible is winning them over a bit.

I think the worry is a load of new beekeepers with no idea and not getting to grips with bee keeping is one of the main concerns