Purchasing, Shipping, Orders: Problems? Check here for guidance first!

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For anyone having issues with a SPECIFIC order; Please go to the main Flow Hive page and log into your account there. Thru that platform you can contact the people who actually are handling issues. Posting here will get you sympathy and instructions to contact the team thru your account. It won’t get your issue fixed.


No one is being left in the lurch but there are a LOT of customers for a new business to be handling, all at once, in the ramp up period. Follow the link and click on ‘My Orders’. Make sure all of the information there is correct and current. Then go to either ‘Contact’ or the chat window and ask about your problem. That will start the ball rolling the right direction!

Remember when you signed on for the Indigogo campaign you signed up for the craziness that ensues once the campaign is funded. It’s not like placing an order with Lands End! Patience will be rewarded ; -)

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Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.

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I just want to know when I can expect shipment. I received the western cedar hive in late December.

Please respond. Getting frustrated for the lack of communications.


If you are just wondering when the second half of your shipment will arrive the short answer is “any time” now. Folks who received the wooden hive in December and January are queued up for the frames to be shipped. There are thousands to ship and that takes time, so it could be sooner it could be later. It will happen. I had a box of frames on my front porch when I got home the other day. I have had my hive since early December. So almost 2 months between deliveries.

If you are having a specific question because you think there may be a problem with your particular order you should please follow the instructions above for contacting the correct people at the company directly about your actual order. Here at the forum we can give general advice, but can not actually DO anything for you.

Personally I had some issues with my orders and shipping and the messages I sent to info@ were responded to within a few days and resolved with no problems.

I did this over two weeks ago regarding an address update I submitted in early Jan that has not been updated on the My Orders page. As of today I have received no assurance that was done and my order page is unchanged. Any further advice?