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Queen feeding would she starve in winter?

So have been hearing to remove the excluder in winter to give the queen access to honey over winter?
Other research states the queen is fed by attendants, fed royal jelly?
Fact or fiction?

Always remove the excluder in winter.
The bees move upwards in a cluster through the hive in winter, eating stores as they do so. There is a danger that the cluster will move upwards through the QE and leave the queen stranded beneath in the brood box. If the weather is cold they will not return down to feed her and she will die.

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Hi Jim
Thanks for the reply that makes sense

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I would plan on removing the Flow super in winter too. If you don’t, the bees will often load it with propolis in cooler climates, and that can make opening the cells very difficult in the next season.

Double brood before the super in colder climates sounds like a good thing !

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