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Raising Queens total Newbie

So my dumb question of that day, I ve been looking into raising queen bees. Done all my normal research by watching you tube and reading books, know the theory but the one thing I cant work out is… once you put the larva in the queen cup by grafting and it’s in one of those queen cup frames… what stops the little guy from falling out??

Tiny legs and surface tension from the royal jelly.


I could say that they haven’t heard of gravity but the reason is the Royal Jelly is sticky and holds them in place. Cheers

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You still need to be careful with knocking it so they dont fall out.

i would suggest always wet graft as its way easier and you give them more food. male sure your starter hive is very strong and very queenless :rofl::joy: that way they accept lots of them hopefully. always graft more than you need. if you get 100% acceptance each time that would be amazing but doesnt seem to happen.

grafting off black plastic foundation makes your life way easier.

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Thanks for the advice, will see how I go just got the equipment