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Releasing the bees


I’m picking up a box of bees tomorrow, hooray!
Once I’ve got them home and set up in position how long and at what time should I open the hive entrance?


Ten minutes… suit up.


Dee, love your answer ! When I get mine I will probably wait for midday as it will still be cooler up here in the Northern States, I will add the 3 Nuc’s to there new hive brood box then add the top feeder then lid tops one by one… Maybe add a reducer n watch them POP their heads out the entrance ! Wall lasss ! Happy Days n the journey begins !

Gerald :honeybee:P.s. Photo of my bee buddies hive I took one sunny afternoon here a week ago.


Yeah, thanks…
So hive in position, entrance opened after setting up, no suit required, bees seem content after a few hours, early days.
I am now officially a bee keeper. :cheer:


Hi Greg, well done:)


Thanks Jeff, I did wear one on the chin for my troubles when they were loading our hive. I’m looking at it as an initiation of sorts


No worries, congrats on your initiation:) I just got home from picking up a huge swarm, must have came out of a strong hive. A bloke dropped off a box & frames yesterday for me to put bees in for him, I used his box & frames for the swarm.

I also have a colony to pick up out of a Telstra junction box. There’s about 6 nice slabs of comb built under the lid. I’ll put that colony in another blokes box & frames.

We’re well past the swarm season now, however some of my strong hives I weakened out last week were taking steps towards swarming.